A coat worth waiting for

This past weekend, I finally had my White Coat Ceremony. The White Coat Ceremony symbolizes the beginnings of the journey of every physician into this esteemed profession. Although the current global pandemic postponed our ceremony last year, this white coat was worth waiting for because of its meaning to me.

While walking toward my seat during the ceremony, I reflected upon all the sacrifices, support, and determination it took to be worthy of this white coat. Flashes of the faces of my family members, friends, and loved ones came into mind. Memories of the lonely nights studying for the MCAT and pacing the busy halls of the hospital as a volunteer rushed into my thoughts. My heart began to race from the excitement and nervousness of finally joining the guild of physicians.

After taking my seat and listening to the words of wisdom delivered to us by our Dean and honorable guest speaker, it was time to go on stage and be coated. One by one, my classmates were coated by the Dean. At last, my turn arrived to shine in the spotlight and don the coat. As the Dean assisted me with donning my white coat, an immense feeling of dignity, gratefulness, and relief overcame me. I felt a tremendous amount of pride because this moment was a testament to my determination to become the best person I can be for myself, my loved ones, and the people I will serve in the future. I felt enormously grateful because I understood that this moment would not have been possible without the amazing people who continue to support me every day. Lastly, I felt a great sense of relief because, after a long year of waiting and Zoom College of Medicine, I officially am on my way to fulfilling my passion for healing people by caring for their body, mind, and spirit.

- Joshua Garcia, a second-year Osteopathic Medical Student at California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU-COM). 

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You are amazing. Congratulations son.👍


Getting that coat is a huge accomplishment. Congrats, and congrats to all those who’ve earned one.


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