The other side of Sacrifice: FUN

Not all fun and games, or is it? 

Success isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would do it. Right? What makes success difficult is the sacrifices you need to make in order to achieve your goals and dreams. I wanted to touch on the other side of sacrifice though: fun.  

We all have that mountain we want the climb, or that inner demon we want to defeat, or simply a milestone we want to hit. When you put in your all to achieve this, it almost always comes to fruition. I’ve seen from experience when someone puts so much into that one thing, sacrifices so much, that when they fall short, they feel as though they have wasted their life.  

This is why balance is so important. Sure, put in 110% into it, but also don’t give up what you enjoy, whether that’s family, sports, painting or just playing video games. Give yourself a break; and a pat on the back at times.  Some like to have fun as they go, a little every night or every weekend. Others like to reward themselves for little milestones, 5 pounds lost, midterm exam passed etc. Be creative. Just don’t be the person who worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and worked….  

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