What Keeps You Going, Day In and Day Out

All my life, I've tried to stick to a workout program. I've started and stopped, and restarted and stopped, and restarted and just given up more times than I can count. Looking back, I've tried to figure out why.

It wasn't until I started asking myself "why." Why was I doing this? Like, what was my real reason. To be honest, every time I tried to answer that question, the reason was trash:

  • To look good in a tank top
  • To have bigger biceps
  • To jump higher
  • To keep pace with my friends while running

Although they were reasons, they weren't good reasons. And by good, I mean compelling.

They weren't compelling reasons.

Granted, they were reasons to get me started. But they weren't reasons that would keep me going, day in and day out. That's what I needed.

It wasn't until I went to the doctor that I found my reason. I had just gotten my labs back, and my PCP was going over the results with me in her office. I could hear the disappointment cut through the room life a knife. She pulled up an article that showed how a little bit of exercise could increase the average life by a certain amount of years.

Instantly, I saw my wife, my kids, my parents flash before my eyes. I wanted to be there for them. And if putting in the work meant more time with them, I was all hands on deck for it.

And since then, I've been pretty damn consistent. But all it took, was that compelling reason to keep me going, day in and day out.

- Anonymous

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